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First Covid-19 Case in San Diego

KPBS has reported that the first case of a San Diego resident with the novel coronavirus - COVID-19 - was confirmed. Apparently, this case is considered travel-related. Reportedly, it is a woman in her 50s who is being treated at Scripps Green Hospital.

Relatedly, some of the passengers on the cruise ship Grand Princess, which has at least 21 cases testing positive for the coronavirus, will be arriving to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. The cruise ship has docked in Oakland.

Significantly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. There are more than 125,000 confirmed cases around the world, and over 4,000 have died. The novel coronavirus is affecting all continents except Antarctica, and is spreading very rapidly in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia in particular. Because this virus is very contagious, efforts are underway to isolate and contain it as much as possible. The entire nation of Italy is under a lockdown right now. Regular …

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